wheat dosa

Wheat Dosa | Godhuma Dosa

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Wheat Dosa | Instant wheat flour dosa | Godhuma dosa | with step by step pics & video | Easy, quick & healthy instant dosa recipe for breakfast/dinner.

Wheat dosa, an instant dosa variety made with whole wheat flour, onion, and spices. No need to ferment the dosa batter. In a busy & hurry days, this instant dosa recipe will save your day.

How to make wheat dosa?

The ease of this recipe makes it a good option for breakfast or even for dinner or a quick snack. The wheat dosa batter is prepared with wheat flour & water. Then the batter is tempered with urad dal, ginger, mustard seeds & onions.

To make crispy dosas roast both sides well. Make sure the consistency of the batter is neither thick nor thin. Do refer my video for the dosa batter consistency. Wheat dosas are mainly served with chutneys. Some prefer to have with sambar also.

Wheat Dosa | Godhuma Dosa

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Wheat Dosa | Instant wheat flour dosa | Godhuma dosa | Easy, quick & healthy instant dosa recipe for breakfast/dinner.


  • 1.25cups of whole wheat flour

  • 2 cups of water

  • salt as required

  • For tempering
  • 2tsp gingelly oil/ any cooking oil

  • 1/2tsp urad dal

  • 1/4tsp mustard seeds

  • 1/4tsp cumin seeds

  • 1/2cup finely chopped onion

  • 1/2tsp finely chopped ginger

  • 1 no green chilly finely chopped

  • fresh curry leaves

  • salt as required


  • Preparing Whole-wheat Flour Batter
  • Firstly, add 1.25 cups of whole wheat flour in a mixing bowl, followed by 1 cup of water.wheat dosawheat dosa
  • Then add water little by little in intervals.wheat dosa
  • Mix the batter well without forming any lumps & keep aside.wheat dosa
  • Tempering
  • Heat 2 tsp oil in a kadai & splutter 1/2 tsp urad dal, 1/2 tsp mustard seeds, & 1/4tsp cumin seeds.wheat dosa
  • Then add in 1/2tsp finely chopped ginger, 1no green chili, curry leaves & 1/2 cup onion. Add salt as required.wheat dosa
  • Saute until the onion becomes translucent. Switch off the flame.wheat dosa
  • Tempering the Batter
  • Now pour this tempering over the mixed batter & salt as required for the batter.wheat dosa
  • Mix well. Our batter is ready now. The batter should not be thick or thin.
  • Making Wheat Dosas
  • Heat a dosa tawa. With a ladle pour the dosa batter. Spread the batter in a circular motion making a concentric circle.wheat dosa
  • On a low to medium flame, cook the wheat dosa.
  • When the top side looks cooked, then sprinkle ½ to 1 tsp oil from the top and spread it all over the dosa with a spoon.
  • Wheat flour dosa takes a little longer time to cook than the regular Dosa. so cook till the base is golden and crisp.
  • Once the base becomes golden or crisp, then flip and cook the other side of godhuma dosa.wheat dosa
  • Flip & cook till the dosa becomes crispy.wheat dosa
  • Our whole wheat dosas are ready. Serve it with sambar or any kind of chutney varieties.wheat dosa

Recipe Video


  • Batter consistency should neither be too thick nor too thin.

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