Three Ingredient Homemade Chocolate Ice-cream

Three Ingredient Homemade Chocolate Ice-cream

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Who in the world says no to an ice cream. ? Kids love ice creams. Recently I came across this 3 ingredient ice cream recipe & tried this. All you need is little patience.

I m going to share a simple chocolate ice-cream recipe. Its really superb & delicious. Let us look into the recipe:

Key Ingredients

  • 1cup chilled whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
  • 4tbsp cocoa powder

For garnishing-optional

  • choco chips/choco syrup


  • Add chilled whipping cream to a large bowl & beat it for few seconds, till small peaks are form.
  • Now add in the condensed milk and beat for few more seconds till everything is combined properly.
  • Furthermore add cocoa powder and using a spatula properly combine everything. (follow cut & fold method)
  • Once it’s combined, beat it just to make sure everything is combined properly..
  • Now transfer it to a basin or tray and cover it using a cling film roll.
  • Freeze it min for 8hrs.(stir the ice-cream twice in between so that no ice crystals are formed at base )
  • Delicious chocolate ice cream is ready to be served with chocolate chips/ chocolate syrup.(optional)

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