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புட்டு வகைகள்

புட்டு வகைகள் | Steamed Cakes | with step by step photos and video. Pittu மற்றும் puttu, a breakfast dish eaten in the South Indian states. Mainly, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and parts of Karnataka, as well as Sri Lanka. Puttu means “portioned” in Malayalam. It is made of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut shavings, sometimes with a sweet or savory filling on the inside.

Served hot with sweet side dishes such as palm sugar or banana, or with curries such as dal, chickpea, mutton, fish, or chicken. Puttu, made by slowly adding water to ground rice until the correct texture is achieved. It is then spiced, formed, and steamed with layers of grated coconut.


Generally, puttu is generally cooked in a metal puttu kutti vessel with two sections. The lower section holds water and the upper section holds the puttu , where the rice mixture is inserted with layers of grated coconut. Perforated lids separate the sections to allow the steam to pass between them.

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