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Kids Corner

Kids can be fussy eaters when it comes to eating the good stuff which is full of proteins & vitamins. But place one of these kid-favorite foods in front of them & you will see the plates wiped clean in a jiffy.

I came across a nutritionist who suggested some lessons which would help you guide your kids to eat better.

  1. Make a schedule. Children need to eat every three to four hours: three meals, two snacks, and lots of fluids. If you plan for these, your child’s diet will be much more balanced and they will be less cranky because they won’t be famished.
  2. Plan dinners. If thinking about a weekly menu is too daunting, start with two or three days at a time. A good dinner doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be balanced: whole-grain bread, rice, or pasta; a fruit or a vegetable; and a protein source like lean meat, cheese, or beans.
  3. Introduce new foods slowly. Children are new-food-phobic by nature. It will take for their taste buds sometimes to get used to a new flavor.
  4. Make mornings count. Most families don’t eat enough fiber on a daily basis, and breakfast is an easy place to sneak it in. Look for high-fiber cereals for a quick fix. For example idlis, dosas, pancakes etc..

Do make a count on these tips & prepare food for your kids. For a healthy diet, a balanced diet is more important. I share here with you some kid-favorite foods here. Do enjoy the feed.

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