honey glazed chicken

Honey Glazed Chicken

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Honey Glazed Chicken | Bored of normal chicken roast | with step by step photos and video. An easy and delicious twist to classic roast chicken.

Why honey glazed chicken?

This simple & tasty honey glazed chicken recipe is a healthy recipe. This super-simple recipe makes a crisp-tender chicken with a perfect, sticky glaze. The honey-soy glaze make the drumsticks so flavorful and completely irresistible. 

How to make honey glazed chicken?

In this recipe we are going to coat our chicken drumsticks in a marinade combo of soy & honey. This combo coated in our drumsticks makes it finger licking good. So let us see how it is made.

Honey Glazed Chicken

Course: Chicken, Non VegCuisine: InternationalDifficulty: Easy


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Sweet| Spicy | Chicken Roast


  • 750-900gms chicken drumsticks

  • 1/2no lemon

  • 2tbsp crushed ginger

  • 11/2tbsp crushed garlic

  • 1/2tsp pepper powder

  • 1tbsp chilli sauce

  • 5tbsp soy sauce

  • 3tbsp honey


  • For Marination
  • You can use skinned /skinless chicken pieces. I have taken 5 skinless chicken drumsticks.
  • Wash it thoroughly & pat dry each piece using a paper towel
  • For chicken pieces to be marinated properly I am gashing the pieces with a knife. Gashing is optional if you are using small pieces.
  • Now let us prepare the sauce for marination. Let us take a bowl & add in lemon juice of 1/2lemon, 2tbsp crushed ginger, 11/2tbsp crushed garlic, 1/2tsp pepper powder, 1tbsp chilli sauce & 5tbsp soy sauce.
  • Mix the mixture thoroughly.
  • I am not adding extra salt because of salt content in soy sauce. If you need salt you can add at this time.
  • Now add the drumsticks into the marinade & marinate it well.
  • Close the bowl & marinate either for 1hr or to overnight.
  • Frying the chicken pieces
  • Now heat a pan & add 1 or 2tbsp oil
  • Keep the flame low or medium & add drumsticks one by one & fry the pieces.
  • Stir often to prevent the marinade from burning, until golden brown.
  • Transfer the drumsticks from pan.
  • Preparing the Honey Glazed Marinade
  • Now in the same pan pour the remaining marinade & add in 3tbsp honey to it.
  • Bring to boil & stir until the marinade is thick like sauce consistency.
  • Add the fried drumsticks one by one into the marinade.
  • Make sure each drumstick is evenly coated with honey marinade & cooked thoroughly.
  • Cook the chicken pieces in the honey marinade for 10 to 15 min over low flame. Stir often.
  • Our sweet & spicy drumstick is ready to be served.

Recipe Video


  • I am not adding extra salt because of salt content in soy sauce. If you need salt you can add at this time.
  • You can prefer skinless/skinned chicken.

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