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French Fries Recipe | Potato Fry

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French Fries Recipe | Potato Fry | with step by step photos & video. Basically, a deep-fried chip prepared from thick-cut potatoes. It is usually served hot. These finger chips are crisp as well as soft from inside and taste too good.

French fries, one of the most popular side dishes in the world. When it comes to dipping, fries often find themselves covered in ketchup or mayonnaise. The origins of the French fry have been traced back to Belgium, where historians claim potatoes were being fried in the late-1600s.

Best Potatoes for French Fries

Russet potatoes are ideal for french fries. Since they’re dense, they don’t contain as much water inside, which allows them to get extra crispy.

Waxy potatoes are the worst for french fries. These include red potatoes, fingerling, and new potatoes. They’re high in moisture, and will actually become hollow when fried as the water evaporates out.

How to make French Fries?

French Fries Recipe | Potato Fry | withe step by step photos & video. Firstly, cut the potatoes evenly and preferably medium-thick as shown in the figure. This ensures the chips to cook uniformly. Secondly, soak the potatoes in cold water for releasing its starch. Then soak again in hot water. This will half cook the potatoes. Thirdly, deep fry the potatoes in small batches. Once fried allow it to cool completely. You can freeze these cooled potatoes for later use. Do not fry the potatoes to golden brown in the first batch. Fry them till they get cooked and should not have any color. In the second time of frying, fry them until it reaches golden brown and crisp.

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French Fries Recipe | Potato Fry

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French Fries Recipe | Potato Fry | withe step by step photos & video. Basically a deep-fried chip prepared from thick-cut potatoes.


  • 1 to 2 large potatoes

  • Oil for deep frying

  • salt as required

  • pepper as required

  • 2 cups of cold water

  • 2 cups of hot boiling water


  • I am taking 3 long potatoes. Firstly, peel the skin of the potatoes.french friesfrench fries
  • Cut both the corners of the potato to make a flat surface. This helps to get uniform potato fries pieces.french fries
  • Also, make horizontal thick slices & further begin to cut them vertically in sticks having approximately 1 cm width.french friesfrench friesfrench friesfrench fries
  • Soak all the potato pieces into ice-cold water for 20 minutes. This helps to get rid of excess starch from the potato and makes fries crispy.french fries
  • Drain off the excess water & furthermore, soak them into hot boiling water for 15 minutes. Add 1/2 tbsp salt to the hot water and mix well before soaking. This helps the potato to cook slightly and fasten the process of frying fries.french friesfrench friesfrench fries
  • After 15 minutes, drain off the potato pieces and dry them on a kitchen towel/tissue paper. Wipe off any extra water.french friesfrench friesfrench fries
  • Dry off completely. Then deep fry the potatoes in batches, directly in low-medium hot oil for 2 to 3 minutes. This time it softens and cooks the potatoes through.french friesfrench friesfrench friesfrench fries
  • Cool the fried potatoes completely.
  • For storing, keep them in a ziplock bag. Use a zip lock bag if you are going to store the potatoes for a longer time and fry as required.french fries
  • Freeze the potatoes for a minimum of 4 hours. this helps potato turn firm.
  • Further, in the second fry, fry on high flame until potatoes turn brown and crispy.french friesfrench fries
  • Drain the finger chips once they are golden brown.french fries
  • Furthermore, sprinkle some salt and pepper.french fries
  • Finally, serve hot with dips of your choice. Crispy golden crust with a perfect cooked inside.french fries

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