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Banana Smoothie | Banana Milkshake

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Banana Smoothie | Banana Milk Shake | Healthy breakfast |weight loss drink | with step by step pics & video. It is basically a healthy beverage made by ripe bananas blended with dry fruits & milk.

This recipe is a healthy weight loss recipe that can be used as a breakfast recipe. You can replace full-fat milk with coconut milk/almond milk. In some people, the combination of bananas and dairy milk does not go well and this can lead to toxins, laziness, indigestion. For them, it is better to avoid dairy milk while preparing this smoothie.

I personally prefer to refrigerate banana slice at-least for 20min before preparing the drink. This makes the drink even more thicker.

How to make banana smoothie?

Banana smoothie recipe is a thick beverage that is prepared with ripe chilled banana and milk. Optionally it can also be flavored with dry fruits to make it more healthy & full.

The smoothies available in markets contain high sugar quantity. However, in this recipe, I have used honey as a sweetening agent. Moreover, it makes an ideal breakfast recipe because bananas are rich in potassium & milk is full of proteins and fats. Hence banana smoothie recipe makes complete, healthy, and nutritious food. Do try out this mango milkshake also. Really yummy.

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Banana Smoothie

Course: Fruit Juice RecipesCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Easy


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Banana Smoothie | Banana Milk Shake | Healthy breakfast | with step by step pics & video. It is basically a healthy beverage made by ripe bananas blended with dry fruits & milk.


  • 1 cup ripened banana slices(refrigerated)

  • 4 pistachios

  • 5-6 no of cashew nuts

  • 10 dry grapes/raisins

  • 1/4cup water

  • 1tbsp honey

  • 1 cup thick fat milk/coconut milk


  • Preparation
  • Refrigerate 1 cup chopped bananas for 20minutes.
  • Soaking
  • In a bowl add in 4 pistachios, 5 cashew-nuts, 10 dry grapes & soak them in 1/4cup water for 10min.banana smoothiebanana smoothie
  • Preparing Banana Smoothie
  • Add in 1 cup chilled banana pieces, 1tbsp honey, & the soaked ingredients in a blender.banana smoothiebanana smoothiebanana smoothie
  • Blend it smoothly to a fine paste.banana smoothie
  • Now add in 1 cup milk & blend for. 30sec.banana smoothie
  • Pour the smoothie in a serving glass.banana smoothie
  • Serve the drink with some pistachios/dates.banana smoothie

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